Saturday, November 2, 2013

Open UI -->Client not opening after the updagrade to or -->Message: Object expected error /23030/scripts/siebel/navctrlmngr.js?_scb=[23030]_ENU

Hi ,

last week i upgraded to .upgrade went successful . i upgraded the client and tools .
when i opened the tools it opened successful but i was not able to open the client .

issue : IE browser opens and it will show the callcenter in the top tab but it wont load the page correctly . And when i tired debug i got below error message
Webpage error details

User Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; Trident/4.0; SLCC2; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.5.30729; .NET CLR 3.0.30729; Media Center PC 6.0; InfoPath.2; .NET4.0C; .NET4.0E)
Timestamp: Sun, 3 Nov 2013 06:12:09 UTC

Message: Object expected
Line: 38
Char: 799
Code: 0
URI: http://jo-pc/23030/scripts/siebel/navctrlmngr.js?_scb=[23030]_ENU


intially i thought i did something wrong at the time of installation . i reinstalled eveything again . downloaded again , installed and .. Still the same message .

Solution : as part of the upgrade we have to download new srf from oracle . we have to replace it with new it with new srf

please find the details below

Find Siebel Repository Files (SRF) as below and click "Download" button.
Name: Siebel Industry Applications Version Siebel Repository Files
Part Number: V39883-01 
Note : follow the same for

Advice: Dont waste your time :-)


Thursday, October 17, 2013

Open UI --> Custom Button In List Applet -- Not working


i tired to bring a Button in Open UI list Applet .once i mention the custom method name applet wont display properly !!!!!Anyone facing this issue ???


Scenario Config : Applet has to display only current year record at the initial load

Scenario : Applet has to display only current Year record at the initial load. But when i do a query an go it has to show all the records [ previous year records also]

ie :only on the applet load it has to show the current year records

My Solution :

 1)      At the time of applet load  --- Set one profile attribute  --This will make sure our code only fire at the time of loading the applet
a.       Set the profile attribute
b.      Set the some value to profile attribute
          2)In     function BusComp_PreQuery () before we entering to the code you have to make sure below two things
a.       Whether we are that active view
b.      Whether profile attribute got set or not
                                                               i.      if (TheApplication().ActiveViewName() == "<<ViewName>>" && TheApplication().GetProfileAttr("<<ProfileAttrib>>") == "<<value check>>")
                                                             ii.                      {<<Our code goes here >>           }
c.       Once we execute the code change back the profile attribute to previous value √†important

Pseudo Code : 
function BusComp_PreQuery ()
var sSearchExpr;
                sSearchExpr = this.GetSearchExpr();
         if (TheApplication().ActiveViewName() == "<<ViewName>>" && TheApplication().GetProfileAttr("<<ProfileAttrib>>") == "<<value check>>")
                if (sSearchExpr != null && sSearchExpr != "")
                                var dtToday = new Date();
                               dtToday =dtToday.getDate() + "/" + ToNumber(dtToday.getMonth()+1) + "/" +                    dtToday.getFullYear();
                                this.SetSearchExpr("[Agreement Start Date] >='"+dtToday+"'") ;
                } // end of if sSearchExpr 
}// end of if Active View name 
return (ContinueOperation);

Agreement Start Date  √† mention ur field name

Note:Please let me know if there is any other better approach to the above solution.


Saturday, September 21, 2013

Open UI -->For list Applet /Form Applet which all js files to include [ For Desktop]

Hi All,

including the proper js files is very important in open ui. otherwise the view wont be rendering properly .

List Applet -- PM  ---[Desktop]
Include below files

<KEY Name="ContactLstPModel">
<FILE_NAME> siebel/applet.js        </FILE_NAME>
<FILE_NAME> siebel/listapplet.js    </FILE_NAME>
<FILE_NAME> siebel/pmodel.js        </FILE_NAME>
<FILE_NAME> siebel/listpmodel.js    </FILE_NAME>
<FILE_NAME> siebel/custom/<<myjsfile>>.js   </FILE_NAME>

List Applet --PR -- [Desktop]
Include below files

<KEY Name="ContactListPRenderer">
 <FILE_NAME> 3rdParty/jqGrid/current/js/i18n/grid.locale-en.js    </FILE_NAME>
               <FILE_NAME> 3rdParty/jqGrid/current/js/jquery.jqGrid.min.js      </FILE_NAME>
               <FILE_NAME> 3rdParty/jqgrid-ext.js                               </FILE_NAME>
               <FILE_NAME> siebel/phyrenderer.js                                </FILE_NAME>
               <FILE_NAME> siebel/jqgridrenderer.js                             </FILE_NAME>
<FILE_NAME> siebel/custom/<<myjsfile>>.js                  </FILE_NAME>

Form Applet --PM --[Desktop]
Include below file

<KEY Name="AccountFormPModel">
<FILE_NAME> siebel/applet.js                    </FILE_NAME>
<FILE_NAME> siebel/pmodel.js                    </FILE_NAME>
<FILE_NAME> siebel/custom/<<Myjsfile>>.js   </FILE_NAME>

Form Applet --PR--[Desktop]
Include beloe file

<KEY Name="AccountFormPRenderer">
<FILE_NAME> siebel/phyrenderer.js                           </FILE_NAME>
<FILE_NAME> siebel/custom/AccountFormPR.js                  </FILE_NAME>

Note: it is very important to extend the correct class name in our js files. 

Joseph Thomas

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Siebel Open UI: Portlet in External Application

Dear Readers,
The following screenshot shows a Siebel Case List Applet loaded in an external application as a portlet. Good feature that can be leveraged to display Siebel data in Legacy Portals.

- OptimusPrime

Monday, September 16, 2013

OpenUI Custom Theme

Dear Readers ! I was experimenting with Open UI Desktop Themes and realized the UI is thrown open for mods. This is how I ended up after 25 mins. Note the Closed Records are auto highlighted by the mods.
- OptimusPrime

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Open UI Scenario 2 --> In Account Form Applet Hide/Unhide Phone Number and Fax Number depending on Address field

Open UI Scenario 2 --> In Account Form Applet Hide/Unhide Phone Number and Fax Number depending on Address
by jo []

if the Address field is blank we will hide above two fields. If the Addres field having some values we unhide those two fields we have to make

Solution :
Step1: Create new PM
Step2: Create New PR
Step3:Update the Manifest file

PM Code Below 

// check it is already present
if( typeof( SiebelAppFacade.AccountFormPM_Jo ) === "undefined" ){

// add the namespace
    SiebelJS.Namespace( "SiebelAppFacade.AccountFormPM_Jo" );

// Key
    SiebelApp.S_App.RegisterConstructorAgainstKey( "AccountFormPM_Joodel", "SiebelAppFacade.AccountFormPM_Jo" );

    SiebelAppFacade.AccountFormPM_Jo = ( function(){

// call the superclass
        function AccountFormPM_Jo( proxy ){
   this, proxy );

// extend the presentation model
        SiebelJS.Extend( AccountFormPM_Jo, SiebelAppFacade.PresentationModel );

// For PM we need init method
        AccountFormPM_Jo.prototype.Init = function(){
   this );
            this.AddProperty( "ShowAddressRelatedField", "" );
            this.AddMethod( "ShowSelection",  SelectionChange, { sequence : false, scope : this } );
            this.AddMethod( "FieldChange",  OnFieldChange, { sequence : false, scope: this } );

// Custom function: When a new record is selected, set ShowAddressRelatedField to true or false, depending on
 function SelectionChange(){
            var controls = this.Get( "GetControls" );
            var control = controls[ "StreetAddress" ];
            var value = this.ExecuteMethod( "GetFieldValue", control );
            this.SetProperty( "ShowAddressRelatedField", ( value ? true: false ) );
SiebelJS.Log("The value of ShowAddressRelatedField is " + this.Get( "ShowAddressRelatedField"));

// street address field, determine whether or not it is now empty, and set ShowAddressRelatedField accordingly.
        function OnFieldChange( control, value ){
            if( control.GetName() === "StreetAddress" ){
                this.SetProperty( "ShowAddressRelatedField", ( value ? true: false ) );
SiebelJS.Log("The value of ShowAddressRelatedField is " + this.Get( "ShowAddressRelatedField"));
        return AccountFormPM_Jo;

PR Code Below 

if (typeof (SiebelAppFacade.AccountPartialRefreshPR) === "undefined") {
    SiebelApp.S_App.RegisterConstructorAgainstKey( "AccountPartialRefreshPR", "SiebelAppFacade.AccountPartialRefreshPR" );
    SiebelAppFacade.AccountPartialRefreshPR = ( function(){
SiebelJS.Extend( AccountPartialRefreshPR, SiebelAppFacade.PhysicalRenderer );
        function AccountPartialRefreshPR( pm ){
   this, pm );
            this.GetPM().AttachPMBinding( "ShowAddressRelatedField",  ModifyLayout, { scope: this });
        function ModifyLayout( ){
            var controls = this.GetPM().Get( "GetControls" );
            var canShow = this.GetPM().Get( "ShowAddressRelatedField" );
            var WorkPhoneNum = controls[ "MainPhoneNumber" ];
            var FaxPhoneNum = controls[ "MainFaxNumber" ];

            if( canShow ){
                $( "span#MainPhoneNumber_Label" ).parent().fadeIn(500);
                $( "[name='" + WorkPhoneNum.GetInputName() + "']" ).fadeIn(500);
                $( "span#MainFaxNumber_Label" ).parent().fadeIn(500);
                $( "[name='" + FaxPhoneNum.GetInputName() + "']" ).fadeIn(500);
                $( "span#MainPhoneNumber_Label" ).parent().fadeOut(500);
                $( "[name='" + WorkPhoneNum.GetInputName() + "']" ).fadeOut(500);
                $( "span#MainFaxNumber_Label" ).parent().fadeOut(500);
                $( "[name='" + FaxPhoneNum.GetInputName() + "']" ).fadeOut(500);
        return AccountPartialRefreshPR;


Step 3
Update the Manifest and custom_Manifest.xm file

Note: Make sure you clear the history of your browser[With IP 2013 they will remove this issue. IP2013 will be launching on Nov 2013]

Account having address field having value 
Account having address field null. in this case two fields become hidden