Monday, June 13, 2011

How to make your cell phone Not Reachable

First of all Thanks for visiting our Siebel Musings Blog .Actually this is an Siebel Technical blog [Siebel Musings].But this time i am giving a tip to avoid Work related calls in weekends. As we have to give importance to our personal life some times it is necessary to use this trick .

There are times when you wished you should be in the mountains away from mobile network reach.

Or sometime you wanted to avoid a call but did not want the caller to know you are not picking calls intentionally?

Definitely you will not switch-off the mobile. The caller will hear a message saying your mobile is switched off. That means you intentionally switched it off! and some phones got features like offline mode .but still the end user will hear mobile switch off message. Excuses like your phone charge went off didn’t take the charger wont make any sense .So we need some good excuse .

So what if the caller hears a message like “the phone is not reachable”, or “out of network”?

‘Mobile not reachable’ is a good excuse for everything you wanted to avoid. Now see how easily you can do it. After all it was the operator’s fault. Not yours!

Problems being not reachable on cell phone:

Yes, there could be problems. You never know when you miss a very important call.


--Call your family , Gal frd /boy frd.[Otherwise thy will get afraid] :-)


1) This trick is very simple . Without switching it off remove the Battery of ur mobile.WE normally do it when our phone got hang ,Do the same . And don’t switch it on .

Nw if someone is trying to call you thy will hear Mobile not reachable message .. ;-) Cool naaa

Tested in Sony ericsson and Nokia

2) If the end user is intelligent .they will drop a sms with delivery report on . that means whn u switch it on message will get delivered and the end user will get the Delivery report and he will come to know tht ur phone is on .

For this .. Go to message setting in your fone >>Text Message >> Message Centers >> find the correct SMS Center for ur service operators .

there will be a number note that number some where and remove the number and save it .Once you back from your cover you can update the number back.

Now you wont receive any sms and the end user wont get any delivery report .if there is any emergency you can switch on your Phone .Make the call and again switch it off .. ;-)

Note : I wont be responsible for any personal or professional issues by using this trick .:-)

Joseph Thomas (joju)


  1. gud.... but i think all knows dis rt?

  2. hey thanks man....

  3. Instead doing these things...
    You can keep your mobile phone in Full Closed box say tiffin box or so...Then your phone will not be reachable...