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Siebel Config/Scripting/workflow Interview Questions

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This is for the first time i am writing something to the blog. first of all i m sharing some interview questions which i collected from my friends. this is a very good start for our friends who are looking for a change . the collection includes many scenarios and start forward questions.

Note : You can also forwards interview questions to us.

*********************Set 1*********************

  1. What is an extension table and how is it related to base table? Give an example.
  2. What is the difference between Join and Link?
  3. How does your b/c and view relate?
  4. When do we go for BC level user properties
  5. Constrainted picklist displayed value based on contraint used.
  6. What is the difference between "PickList Generic" and "PickList Hierarchical" Business components?
  7. What is the function of SWSE on the Web Server?
  8. What is the use of LDAP user?
  9. What is s_party table?
  10. Which are the tables used by Workflow Manager to execute the workflow process?
  11. Draw the Siebel server architecture
  12. Draw the Siebel Layered architecture
  13. Which type of clients access the server through Object Manager?

a) HTML Thin Client

b) Dedicated Client

c) Mobile Client

d) Windows/Java Thin Client

/*****************************Set 2**************************/

  1. If an pickapplet is activated from an applet. Discribe how the data is fetched to the applet using the siebel architecture.
  2. How to configure an MVG
  3. Is BC necessary for applet
  4. what are joins and different types of join
  5. Position and Responsibility
  6. How is user created
  7. what if the user cannot login
  8. what if he can login but cannot see anything
  9. what is BS
  10. can a BS be called from a Server Script or Browser Script
  11. does the Browser script works by itself or any other setting is required
  12. what is Repository BS and Client BS
  13. what is the default class of Repository BS
  14. Picklist
  15. Search Spec
  16. Is the BC a required field in the picklist
  17. Hierarchial Picklist
  18. Joins & Links
  19. Can 2 Business Objects be linked
  20. Can any 2 Business Components be linked
  21. Relation between Table and BCs
  22. Can a BC refer to only one table or more? How?
  23. Web Services in Interface

/****************Set 3*********************/

  1. If SR is a parent applet and Activities is the child, will deletion of SR also delete the activities associated with it. If no then what setting will ensure this.
  2. If SR is a parent applet and Activities is the child, if a SR is closed will the related Activities become read only or not. If not, how can it be achived
  3. If I log in and move to Accounts screen. I am able to insert, delete or merge accounts. However, you would only be able to see the account. how can this be achived
  4. How the output returned from the BS
  5. Working of one workflow that you are confident about
  6. Few User Properties
  7. How is a button configured on an applet
  8. How is a workflow called via button
  9. How is a BS called via button
  10. One example where config can be used instead of scripting
  11. How is sort specification used on an Applet, & on BC
  12. Where are PDQs defined
  13. How to get login Id of users using script.
  14. Best practices of Scripting
  15. How is a BC instantiated and Fields values retrived in Scripting
  16. Whats the life cycle of a requirement
/***************set 4****************************/
  1. Draw a workflow ::Depending upon account type, something should get updated.
  2. Difference between User, Employee and Contact
  3. Party model, Why is party model required
  4. Assignment manager
  5. Why is MVL required for making MVG
  6. Is sort spec available at applet level
  7. When should a code be written in PreWrite method and when in Write method
  8. Sequence of Script method firing
  9. Parent value in child applet. ie. Account-Contact view, how will you get the Account details on the Contact applet
  10. What is code to invoke Business Service
  11. Error handling
  12. Standards followed while coding
  13. What are user properties and what all have you used
  14. Have you configured an MG
  15. How does a class matter in defining of Business Component
  16. Access control and have you used them
  17. Hierarchical pick list, how to configure them
  18. Cascade delete. Where it exists and what it is
  19. Using button, call workflow.
  20. Where are the PDQ defines

· Admin- Application: but only admin can access it.

· We can create Queries and save them as PDQs

  1. Activate field
  2. View modes
  3. UTC Date-Time
/********************Set 5*******************/
  1. SR detail applet and Activities list applet are there on a view. You want to display the number of activities for that SR in the SR detail applet. How? --> count(MVL)
  2. Different ways to grant access to a view --> Personalization, Applet User Property (NoDataHide), Responsibility
  3. How to coordinate time in a global application --> UTC Date Time - Type
  4. drill down
  5. Employee, Contact, User
  6. What application is Call Center? -->Horizontal
  7. IFB file in detail
  8. Workflow propeties for email
  9. S_Party structure
  10. Runtime events(money withdrawl)
  11. Exception handling (eScripts)
  12. On Error Resume Next
  13. Difference between Server scripts & browser scripts.
  14. Profile attributes
  15. Global Variables
  16. If a field value is changed from 10 to 20 & control is moved to the next field without saving the record. what would be the value of BC.PreSetFieldValue & BC.SetFieldValue --> 10
Sp � l > x�[ ��Y le='mso-list:Ignore'>· Admin- Application: but only admin can access it.

· We can create Queries and save them as PDQs

  1. Activate field
  2. View modes
  3. UTC Date-Time
/*****************************Set 6********************/

  1. State model (restrict transition)

Ø Restrict the transition between states

Ø Restrict transition for login and position

If all the three Agreement items are closed then the Agreement should get closed. OR if all the Products in the Opportunity are lost then the Opportunity is also lost–-scriptless-siebel/

  1. Stastatic Drilldown: Drilldown on a field in the list applet navigates to the form (detail) applet. However, the record in the form applet is different from the one on which drill down was done. (say drill down is done on 10th record 1-12ABC on the list applet but it navigates to 1-45XYZ in the detail applet). Why?

Dril Down

  1. Dynamic Drilldown: The drilldown navigates to a view which is not specified in any of the conditions. Why?

View wont be registered in

  1. Where are triggers stored?


  1. Where are workflow policies stored?


  1. How is workflow fired?

  1. How can I invoke a popup message in a workflow?

No way it will crash the system

  1. How can I pass the popup message to other BC which is not related to the one on which the workflow is based?

  1. Error management is scripting

  1. In an applet, if a record is closed, then all fields in the record should become read-only but for one field. How can this be achieved.

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